Woman claims to have evidence that iPhone cameras are fake – not everyone agrees

Influencer Kayla took to TikTok to share a conspiracy theory about the iPhone 11 Pro, 12 Pro and Pro 13 camera – but others were quick to prove her wrong

If you’re fortunate enough to have the iPhone 11 Pro, 12 Pro or 13 Pro, you’ll probably have noticed that the snazzy devices have not one, but three, cameras on the back – but what do they all do?

Well, according to one TikTok influencer, absolutely nothing. Content creator Kayla @kaylathayla recently ruffled some feathers when she appeared to suggest that two of the cameras are actually obsolete – but not everyone agrees.

Taking to the app, Kayla shared a video of herself filming via a bathroom, before using her finger to cover each of the three lenses, one by one.

However, when she places her finger over the first two lenses, the camera continues to film her as normal. It’s not until she reached the third lens that she disappeared behind her finger.

“I’m so confused… are they fake?” she questioned in the caption, adding a ‘conspiracy’ hashtag.

At first glance, it is a little baffling, however Kayla’s concerns were quickly answered by tech buffs in the comments section, who pointed out that the three lenses all have different functions, and aren’t in use at the same time as one another.

One helpful follower commented: “One is a camera, the other one is ultrazoom, then the other one is your telephoto lens, and the black dot thing is a lidar sensor.”

Meanwhile, some other TikTok users were slightly less helpful and just took the time to mock Kayla for not knowing about the different lenses. Come on guys, we’re not all into tech.

“People really buy iPhones without knowing its functions???” one user commented, while another added: “This hurts to watch and explains that iPhone users don’t understand what they’re buying.”